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George Bedborough

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George Bedborough Biography:
– Born on January 10, 1868, in St Giles, London
– Educated at Dulwich College
– Founded the Workhouse Aid Society with W. T. Stead at 16
– Arrested on May 31, 1898, for obscenity charges
– Member of the National Society of Lanternists and Legitimation League
– Became a vegetarian in 1902
– Editor of The Childrens Realm from 1906 to 1914
– Reconnected with the secular movement in the 1920s and 30s
– Died on August 7, 1940, in Cambridge

George Bedborough’s Legal Case:
– Indicated on 11 counts, including selling indecent materials
– Pleaded guilty on three counts
– Fined £100 for selling a book on homosexuality
– Agreed to disassociate from the Legitimation League and The Adult

George Bedborough’s Works:
– Published works include ‘The Atheist,’ ‘Arms and the Clergy,’ and ‘Prayer: An Indictment’
– Book titled ‘G. K. Chesterton versus Birth Control’ in 1932
– Publication ‘Prayer: An Indictment’ released in 1938
– His works are part of the Ernest Bell Memorial Library

Vegetarianism and Animal Rights:
George Bedborough became a vegetarian in 1902
– Contributed to publications like The Freethinker and Birth Control Review
– Mentioned in ‘A Note on the Bedborough Trial’ by Henry Havelock Ellis
– Various publications on vegetarianism and animal rights
– Authors like Carol J. Adams and Steven M. Wise mentioned

Notable Figures in Vegetarianism:
George Bedborough listed among notable figures in vegetarianism
– Individuals like William Alcott and Ragnar Berg
– Authors such as Henry Stephens Salt and Russell Thacher Trall
– Contributions by chefs and cookbook authors like Nava Atlas and BOSH!
– Various activists, authors, and thinkers involved in the movement

George Bedborough (Wikipedia)

George Bedborough Higgs (10 January 1868 – 7 August 1940) was an English bookseller, journalist and writer who advocated for a number of causes, including sex reform, freethought, secularism, eugenics, animal rights, vegetarianism, and free love. He was the secretary of the Legitimation League and editor of the League's publication The Adult: A Journal for the Advancement of freedom in Sexual Relationships. Bedborough was convicted for obscenity in 1898, after being caught selling a book on homosexuality; the case of Regina v. Bedborough, has also been referred to as the Bedborough trial or Bedborough case.

George Bedborough
Portrait of Bedborough from the Legitimation League's journal The Adult
George Bedborough Higgs

(1868-01-10)10 January 1868
Died7 August 1940(1940-08-07) (aged 72)
Cambridge, England
EducationDulwich College
Occupation(s)Bookseller, journalist and writer
Known forRegina v. Bedborough
Criminal chargesPublication of an obscene libel
Criminal penaltyFined £100
Louie Fisher
(m. 1892)

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