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Why Don’t Bananas Have Seeds?

why dont bananas have seeds

We all know fresh fruits offer great sources of essential vitamins and nutrients that can improve your health and all around well being.

And we all have our favorite fruits – don’t we? Well mines are Bananas – and i’m guessing you like them to i mean why else would you be here?

You’re no doubt here as you need your banana queries answered!

Let’s get to it then, that topic on your mind..

Why don’t bananas have seeds?

Bananas do not have developed seeds because of the commercial cloning of the banana fruit – using a process called vegetative propagation .  The banana is therefore mass produced to have undeveloped seeds. 

Also in nature banana trees do not require seeds to reproduce more bananas.

Banana trees work differently whereby when a plant is harvested and then dies there are small corns (or bulbs) growing out of the plant’s stems underground (in botany terms they are called the underground rhizome) which are then replanted and that results in more bananas trees that will bare fruit.

Your average fruit has seeds because that is how their fruit trees can reproduce. All bananas are clones of a single breed of banana.

Your average fruit requires seeds to reproduce.  This harvesting process is entirely foreign to the harvest of bananas.

Bananas are a unique fruit that offers many nutritional benefits.

Why do Bananas have Undeveloped Seeds?

Why do Bananas have Undeveloped Seeds

The black dots inside the middle of the banana are the undeveloped seeds of a banana.  Commercial bananas are specifically bred to have no seed development.

Therefore, the black dots you see are the immature seeds that are never fully grown or developed.

It is a common Western growing phenomenon to prefer undeveloped banana seeds that are commercially grown to abandon the use of their own seeds.

This is why you mostly see this type of banana at your local supermarket.

Your commercial banana plants are reproduced using banana pups.  The pups are little plants that are easily transported to other locations to grow.

Can You Grow Bananas from Developed Seeds?

Can You Grow Bananas from Developed Seeds

Yes, you can grow a banana from a developed seed.  Bananas are genetically modified to contain undeveloped seeds that originate from Cavendish bananas but you can still grow a banana from a developed seed.

There are many other types of bananas that contain seeds. Cavendish bananas are harvested using miniature banana plants that are separated from their parent plant.

After separation, the banana pant becomes a separate plant that is reproduced using seeds.  This method of reproducing bananas is possible by growing seeds that grew bananas.

You need to be aware that the appearance of your seed grown banana will appear different than store-bought bananas. Because of the seeds, the bananas have an increase in size, but the flavor is considered much better in comparison to the store-bought bananas.

How to Grow Bananas with Developed Seeds

You can grow your seed bananas through harvesting the banana seeds in warm water for one to two days.

Afterwards, you can create an outdoor garden bed that is in a sunny area.

You should fill your garden bed with potting soil and then plant your seeds.

You will then begin to see banana trees sprouting from the seeds. The overall process can take as little as 2 to 3 weeks or as long as 2 or more months.

The planting season requires patience in monitoring the healthy growth of your seeds.

Why are Banana Trees Classified as Herbs

Why are Banana Trees Classified as Herbs

A banana tree is classified as herbs because in botanical terminology it never forms a trunk.

Trunks or woody stems are the baseline for determining and categorizing trees.

Banana trees grow upward as a single stalk. The single stalk as a tight spiral of leaves wrapped around it.

Another interesting categorization of bananas is the fact that they are considered berries. Because bananas are produced from one ovary of the flower, they are considered berries in the botanical categorization.

What are the Health Benefits of Bananas?

health benefits of bananas

There are many health benefits to consuming a banana daily.  One of the main sources of vitamin B6 comes from a banana.

Vitamin B6 helps your body produce more red blood cells and fight off infections.  Vitamin B6 also increases your body’s ability to create and utilize energy.

Another vitamin source bananas offer is vitamin c.  I bet you thought that only came from oranges eh?

Vitamin c is an essential vitamin that heals your tissues from damage, helps you absorb iron better, and improve your overall cognitive function.

Your brain requires serotonin to regulate your moods, stress, and pain, and sleep cycle.  By having a regular portion of banana every day you improve your overall mental health.

Potassium is also an essential nutrient present in bananas which helps improve your heart health and blood pressure.