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Nut Facts - An Information Guide

Eating Nuts

Eating nuts can be part of a healthy diet that may also provide many health benefits, which we’ll cover in the nutrition section below. They’re great snacking food because they’re inexpensive, easy to store, and easy to pack when traveling. A downside to consuming nuts is that they are high in calories, so portion sizes should be limited. 

In this section, we’ll get into some things to be mindful of when eating nuts including benefits & side effects.

Cooking with Nuts

So in this section, we’ll cover many ways that nuts can be used in your cooking. We’ll cover everything from baking with nuts, whether that’s chopping nuts up into your cookie dough or going as far as making walnut or pecan pies.  We’ll cover some fantastic nut-theme appetizers and how to create healthy nut-based snacks too. We can’t forget main course dishes, soups, and even nut-based milk.

Please have a read through some of my best nut-themed cooking guides below. 

Nutritional Benefits of Nuts

Nuts are very nutritious and loaded with antioxidants, including polyphenols. Nuts also provide a high portion of protein, good fats, carbs, and beneficial fiber.   

Also rich in Vitamin E, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Phosphorus, and selenium – which is good for sleep too. Studies have shown nuts to be good for weight management, heart health, and the reduction of inflammation.


So let’s dig into how you can include nuts in your diet and reap the many health benefits available.

Information On Nuts

So in the sections above we’ve covered everything from eating and cooking with nuts, delved into their nutrition and health benefits. Now it’s time for some more generalized nut-based trivia, some nut facts. Did you know there’s a national nut day?  National Nut Day is celebrated annually on October 22.  It was created by the Liberation Foods Company. 

But don’t just wait for Oct 22nd to celebrate nuts, start introducing them to your diet now.

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